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Don Jr Proves Once Again He’s the Dumbest Trump With Nonsensical and Incoherent Tweet About ‘Masks’

In a typically ridiculous tweet from former President Donald Trump’s son Don Junior, the right-wing firebrand tried to make… some kind of point? About something? We’re not quite sure.

Quoting neo-fascist Twitter troll Jack Posobiec, Don retweeted a video of a Chinese reporter interviewing Russian troops and Ukrainian citizens about the invasion. But it seems he was less concerned with the actual invasion — you know, the one where civilians are dying every day — than he was with making whatever point he was trying to make by pointing out that none of the people in the video were wearing masks.

Way to miss the point, Junior.

Although some users did predictably agree with him (on whatever it was he was saying), most Twitter users openly mocked him for being an obtuse jackass. Many went so far as to remind him of his connection to another jack-booted right-winger, Enrique Tarrio, the leader of the alt-right nationalist group the Proud Boys:

Most, however, reminded the impeached president’s eldest child of what he should be thinking about during the Russia-Ukraine conflict:

The entire exchange can actually be summed up in the same way that Peter Wehner did about Junior in The Atlantic late last year:

Donald Trump Jr. is both intensely unappealing and uninteresting. He combines in his person corruption, ineptitude, and banality. He is perpetually aggrieved; obsessed with trolling the left; a crude, one-dimensional figure who has done a remarkably good job of keeping from public view any redeeming qualities he might have.

There’s never been a more perfect description of little Donnie Junior.

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