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Laura Ingraham is Very Sad Because Russian Oligarchs are Getting Their Yachts Seized

Bad take, lady.

Over the weekend, Laura Ingraham went on a classic rant of hers, but this time the take was so bad, it beggars belief. As it turns out, she doesn’t think luxury assets should be seized from Russian oligarchs — nor even Putin — in the effort to exert pressure against Russia for their invasion of Ukraine.

Seriously, that’s what she’s mad about. That rich people are getting their toys taken away.

She’s not upset that civilians are sitting on the floors of train stations, holding their cats and wondering if their families are alive. She’s mad that the super-rich in Russia are paying the price for the decisions of their government.

In reality, most government decisions in Russia are made by those oligarchs, whether they are elected officials or not. The nation has been that way since the fall of the Soviet Union.

The unhinged segment opens with her doing a terrible impression of Putin, complete with a cartoonishly bad accent:

Even if we could expeditiously freeze every oligarch’s luxury assets, would that really stop the suffering of the Ukrainian people that’s happening right now? Do we think Putin’s going to wake up and say… ‘You know that chalet in Gstaad was so important to me. I think I’ll call Zelenskyy and send the troops home.’ No.

More importantly, we have to ask: Is there a possibility that this could all backfire and make things even worse for Ukraine? Is anyone in the Biden administration even gaming any of this out? You wonder. So let’s be real. As satisfying as it may be to see these 400-foot luxury liners padlocked, chasing down oligarchs is like swatting away mosquitoes when a cobra is about to strike your leg.

Unfortunately, Laura is dead wrong. Hitting the people in power where it hurts them the most is exactly what is needed to maintain pressure on Putin and Russia to make better decisions. So why would she be defending them?

It could be because she attended university in Russia, speaks Russian fluently, and is friends with former Russian Ambassador Sergey Kislyak, the man who met with all of the Trump officials who then lied about having met with him.

Oh, and she’s very rich herself.

Watch the video:

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