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Rioter Wearing ‘CNN Fake News’ Hat Gets Over 4 Years in Prison for Attacking Capitol Police With a Pipe

It's one of the longest sentences for a January 6th defendant so far.

Duke Edward Wilson of Nampa, Idaho, a 68-year-old man who wore a “CNN FAKE NEWS” ballcap to the January 6th riot at the Capitol and participated in some pretty heinous acts, has finally been sentenced.

The punishment of 51 months in prison, 3 additional years of supervised probation, and a hefty fine is among the worst sentences we’ve seen handed down to one of the rioters. But then Wilson was a lot worse than most of them. He attacked multiple officers with a pipe he found.

A report in the Idaho Press detailed the proceedings:

“U.S. Capitol Police Sgt. Aquilino Gonell told the judge during the hearing that he is still suffering from the injuries he suffered after Wilson’s attack, underwent surgeries to fuse a bone in his foot and to repair his shoulder and may need additional shoulder surgeries.

“Prosecutors said Wilson charged a set of doors in the tunnel and prevented officers from closing them, and then tried to rain blows on the officers using a thin PVC pipe that he had apparently found on the ground. Gonell tried to block the pipe from hitting a fellow officer who had no helmet, he said.

“Both my hands were bleeding at that time from blocking,” Gonell said. “He insisted on continuing to fight me to prevent us from closing that door, that would enable him and his fellow insurrectionists to advance in the tunnel and the Capitol as members of Congress and the Senate were being evacuated from the very same route.”

“I remember vividly what happened that day to me, to him,” Gonell said. “More than one year later I am still not able to put on my police uniform due to those injuries because of what he did to me and my fellow officers.”

The judge, Royce Lamberth, said that he sentenced Wilson to the maximum allowable by law in order to set an example for the country and for anyone who might consider participating in a future attack on the nation’s capital.


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