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Stephanie Grisham Says Her Gay Teen Son Was ‘Ashamed’ She Worked for Trump and the GOP (VIDEO)

She should be ashamed herself.

Donald Trump’s former press secretary Stephanie Grisham was a guest host on ABC’s The View on Tuesday, and it was more than anyone expected. Talking about Florida’s recent passage of the “Don’t Say Gay” bill, she revealed her own teenage son is gay.

Telling her co-hosts that she had her son’s permission to discuss it, she said that he had not been proud of who she worked for.

After Whoopi Goldberg questioned the point of the bill, Sunny Hostin offered her opinion:

Cruelty is the point. It’s to shame families. It’s to shame children. We could see this coming, I think, when you start banning books, when you start banning history in the classroom.

What’s the next step? It’s banning discussions about sexual orientation and gender identity. It’s banning discussions about certain religions. We have been on this path, I’m sorry, since your boss, former boss, took office. He started to say the quiet part out loud. The discrimination became transparent and this is the result.

Stephanie Grisham’s eldest son Kurtis Marries at the White House with Donald and Melania Trump.

That’s when Grisham offered her own input. I should note that Stephanie Grisham graduated from my high school the same year as me, and she very much knew how cruel conservatives could be to gay people. But Grisham said her son just came out as gay himself, so she can have a little leeway as far as it not reaching her own life until now.

This one is personal to me. You bring up a great point. Because of my former boss. I have a 14-year-old son who is gay. Recently came out as gay. I have his permission to talk about this. He didn’t want to tell his friends where I worked. He was ashamed of where I worked, rightfully so, but also the fact that there’s this ‘don’t say gay’ slogan out there, it’s making children feel different.

Grisham’s son Kurtis Marries standing at the podium that his mother, as WH press secretary, never used even once.

It’s hard to estimate how much damage this new Florida bill will do to children, but it’s slightly comforting to know that at least some people who call themselves conservatives can see the cruelty of it.


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