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Trump Faces ‘Dramatic Televised Hearings’ for His Part in Jan 6 and They Could Rival the OJ Trial

We are here for it.

Following the Supreme Court’s rejection of Donald Trump’s efforts to block hundreds of documents from being turned over to the January 6th committee last month, many legal experts say that we could be in for some pretty “dramatic televised hearings.”

The panel had already made clear that they wanted to reveal the findings — which were released Wednesday — on primetime television once they had concluded their investigation.

Norm Eisen, a senior fellow at the Brookings Governance think tank, weighed in with CNN on what it could mean that the panel went so deeply into Trump’s inner circle. They subpoenaed Eric Trump and Kimberly Guilfoyle’s phone records, asked Ivanka to voluntarily testify about her father’s behavior leading up to January 6th, and commanded Rudy Giuliani to appear as well.

Eisen said it could lead to some primetime TV drama and “may very well have a criminal referral or referrals.” More importantly, however, he said that the case against Trump is rock-solid:

In Georgia, where he’s under criminal investigation, he knew when he said to the Secretary of State ‘just find 11,790 votes’ that those votes didn’t exist and he was calling for an alleged criminal election fraud. So that kind of evidence is going to be powerful in the hearings and in the report that the committee will issue with possible criminal referrals.

Over on MSNBC, former acting Solicitor General Neal Katyal told hosts that:

He made such bogus claims about executive privilege and led the Supreme Court to do what it did. And that’s going to make it virtually impossible for Trump and his team of insurrectionists to try and block the testimony and documents from coming out in live televised hearings.

Buckle up, TV drama fans. We could finally be in for a season of the Trump Show that’s not painful to watch. The OJ Simpson trial got 150 million people to watch, at least the verdict. 95 million watched the Bronco chase. Watching trials where we actually see and watch and hear all the evidence? Watching trials where Donald Trump had to actually be present and speak? I can’t imagine that wouldn’t beat OJ. Again, how we watch TV has changed. We watch clips on Twitter, and stream on YouTube, but still…the opportunity to watch Trump go down? I have a feeling at least half the country will be watching it.

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