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Viral Painting of Trump and Putin Says It All and May Force the Beginning of the End of MAGA

Who remembers? The NRA went bankrupt shortly after it was disclosed that Russia had been shoveling money through it for donations to Republican candidates? Remember back when Republican candidates needed NRA money as much or more than they needed the endorsement? (The endorsement was obvious). You don’t hear as much about that anymore.

Who remembers, the Republican Senate Intelligence report that set out that – yes, Paul Manafort did actually pass along extremely valuable inside campaign information to a Ukrainian-Russian agent with known ties to Putin? That would be called collusion in a lot of places.

Who remembers, the eight Senators total who took a trip to Moscow for their July 4th weekend (probably a great barbeque, hamburgers, hotdogs, chips), involving some of Putin’s biggest apologists including Ron Johnson and Steven Daines of Montana. No Democrats were invited, or at least none felt the need to visit.

Who remembers the Mueller report? And Mueller’s charges? Mueller found exactly what the American intelligence community found, a strong, concerted, effort run by Russia to help elect Donald Trump.

And then there’s this little tidbit, the most under covered story in a decade, the tale of Russell Taub, a nobody Rep. from Rhode Island? From Newsweek:

The FEC filing said on August 15, 2016, Taub sent a Twitter [1] direct message to Guccifer 2.0, which is known to be connected to the GRU, Russia’s main intelligence agency. The message asked for “a list of Republican donors” which he said would help raise money in his race against Cicilline. 

THIS WAS 2016 before all that other stuff came out. How would a sniveling little spit like Russell Taub know that Guccifer was open for business to Republicans who needed some help? If he knew, then of course, McConnell, Ryan, and many others had to know that at least some Republicans were looking to Russia for help. (Doesn’t mean McConnell or Ryan or any other specific GOP got help, it means they knew some were seeking it out.)

It makes the tweet below that much more compelling. AND, this is critical. As Putin becomes the most hated man on Earth, the more links found between the Republican party and Moscow, the less forgiving the American public will be. Remember these two?

Do you think they would wear those shirts today? But the fact that they WORE those shirts makes it almost tragically comical that it was an open secret. The GOP was in bed with the Russians.

And that makes this viral tweet that much more compelling:

Pass it around everywhere.